Fresh Coals

I am at work on three major literary projects:

The Week in Radio, a novel

Past crimes bristle and threaten all fresh young things during the week of the opening of Toronto’s new opera house and the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Wagner’s Ring cycle. Henry Piercey, a retiring arts reporter, has purposefully remained home to critique the radio broadcast of the Ring. Here, he faces the ghosts of his Wagner-obsessed wife and of the men and women obsessed with her. Meanwhile, his daughter, Cecilia, attends the opening performance of Das Rheingold, striking up an impromptu affair with Tobias Marches, the young reporter she finds holding her father’s ticket. Turns out, Tobias himself is a kind of thief. And, the private papers he has stolen from his father’s childhood home suggest a surprising history of violence between Cecila’s parents and his own.

Spectral Evidence, poems

My second book of poems surveys the interpenetration of dreams and lived experience. The title refers to the use of dreams as evidence in the courtroom, the most accessible example of which is the damning testimony of the young Salem girls in the trials of Arthur Miller’s Crucible. The book’s first section, Gossip, presents an openly skeptical approach to the nature of dreaming and to the employment of dreams in everyday life. The second section, Doubt, consists of a long poem which examines the phenomenon of the doubting Thomas, rebranded as a modern skeptic, and thus, a twenty-first-century hero. The final section, Spectral Evidence holds that one should share one’s visions with others or even live one’s life as if within a dream. The book, then, concludes with a set of poems which champion a rather dangerous position (one I’m not entirely sure I support). It urges us all to participate in the social and cultural expression of the dream that leads to pleasure, sure, but also pain and calumny.

Silences: poems by Jacques Ellul

Written in collaboration with my husband, Blaise Moritz, this book translates the poetry of Jacques Ellul, the French philosopher and Christian anarchist.


Books For and Written With Children

I am also working on some kid stuff. I’m not willing to reveal too much about these, as they are not mine alone, but I’ll give you their working titles and a few clues. All rights reserved, and all that. The kids will know where to find you!

Ahma, The Spirit Bear  A re-imagining of Jane Austen’s Emma set in an isolated village full of rare Spirit Bears (White Kermode/Black Bears) in the Great Bear Rainforest of B.C.

The Adventures of Sir Lochrann Holmes: A Study in Emerald A snake, Sir Lochrann Holmes, and his sidekick, McUaitson, solve the case of a string of murders in Dublin’s mysterious, snake-filled underground.

The Coronation of the Easter Bunny Bear A take on the Jacob/Esau story. The Easter Bunny once visited a remote island of bears and chose a suitable representative to make the chocolates and deliver the baskets. Now, the island’s reigning Easter Bunny Bear must choose from among his relatives to keep the legacy alive.

Little Mama Stories The stories I tell my kids at night about what I did (and probably shouldn’t have done) as a kid. Some have quasi-literary titles. See my August 5th blog about these stories or their “effect” on Four Mothers.

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