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A Celebration of Daryl Hine

a celebration of daryl hineAlong with a host of fabulous poets, I’ll be reading from the work of Daryl Hine to celebrate the posthumous release of his book, A Reliquary and Other Poems.  See you at Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay Street, Tomorrow Evening, May 14, 6 pm!

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Zeppelin, poems

My husband, Blaise Moritz, just launched his second book of poems, Zeppelin (Nightwood Editions, 2013).

You can purchase Zeppelin now! In Toronto, Book City is highly recommended! Online: direct from Harbour Publishing or via Indigo,Amazon (Canada)Amazon (U.S)Barns and Noble.

And, check out Blaise’s Website: where you can find all of the details and follow along as he blogs about the individual poems!

Reading: Pivot at the Press Club, April 10

I’ll be reading poetry and perhaps a bit from the novel at the Pivot Reading Series.
Also featured are Jessica Hiemstra and Christine McNair.

Pivot Reading Series
Wednesday, April, 10, 2013, 8:00 p.m.
The Press Club
850 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON
M6J 1V5

Hope to see you there!

For more info, check out the Pivot Readings website.

Rapid Progress in Advent?

Advent is always a particularly busy time in our house. And, for the past few years, I haven’t felt much like a writer at this time.  Over on The Lunchbox Season, I’ll have a post up daily, as I keep a virtual Advent Calendar for the kids.  As in years past, we do something together every day. And, while there are days in which the activity takes mere minutes to perform, things usually take a few hours to complete.  Then, there’s the additional energy of actually posting it online. If you were wondering, in any case, why, as an artist and professional writer, I even bother to post that kind of  stuff, there are two simple answers: first, I do it for family, far away, so that they can stay informed with what the kids are up to; second, I do it as a way to keep all of my recipes and project ideas in one easily accessible place. I have no other idea how to format the sites as anything other than a how-to or DIY style journal or scrapbook.  This is the best I can do with record keeping.  I ardently disike the terms “mommy blog” and “Martha Stewart.” So, in a way, it is a challenge to produce things that come close in style and substance, especially as they take time away from other writing projects, and as they make me appear, at times, like some sort of smug afficionado of the domestic sphere.  But, I don’t really have time to be concerned about those tag lines.  And, I’m learning to enjoy these very public exhibitions for what they mean only to me.   I have to say, by far, my favourite days, thus far, in Advent, have been our Sundays, when we’ve been reading and illustrating The Winter’s Tale together (See our latest Sunday post here.)  

This year, to make things easier on myself, I plotted the whole Advent calendar out far ahead of time, pre-writing my online journal posts, all or in part, so that I have more time to devote to working on my own projects during the day.  Strangely, over the past few weeks, which, along with March Break and our Summer of Funner holdays, tend to be the busiest time of year, I’ve written more than I have over the past several months. That is, to say, things have been going well with The Week in Radio.  I”m finding myself in a rapid writing phase — which is rare. The sex, (I mean the sex in the book) is finally good, and the first big night is “over.”  I’ve moved on to the easier romance of the section based on Die Walkure, and what I see as the good humour of the early phases of Siegfried, at least as they translate, strangely enough, into the lives of my fictional, radio-centric families.  These are people whom I know, I have to say, rather intimately, by now.  I’ve also been trying to write a few poems a week as my own particular Advent challenge.  And, so far, so good. There’s one about “Toast” that I now commonly refer to as “the anarchist poem.” I’ll be looking forward to reading some of this at the Pivot at the Press Club reading series in late January…I’ll post more about that event in weeks to come.

In any case, who knew?

Summer Progress on The Week in Radio

This summer I am taking a break from new fiction writing, per se, to concentrate on editing the first 1/4 of the novel-in-prgress, The Week in Radio (see Fresh Coals for a bit of a precis). I’m happy to report that things are going smoothly on the editing front, even or especially with the big, difficult-to-write “sex scene” I’ve finally tackled. (I’ve got an article about editing this admist the unfortunate “fifty shades phenomenon” planned for the fall.)   This is going to be a long-ish book (the first section’s by far the longest), and it has required a lot of research, namely reading about, watching, and listening to Wagner… So, it’s nice to be deep into an “editing” stage, even though the manuscript itself is not complete. This type of work jives well with my summer hours, which, of course, take on a different shape. I’m home with the kids at least three full days a week! Feel free to check out the completely different feel and contents of for all the family highlights.  I’m toying with the idea of posting a snippet of the novel here on-line. It would be interesting to have your feedback….I’ll certainly drop a few more hints as to plot and characterization in the upcoming months.

This site’s going to have a bit of an overhaul, as well, for fall, with more frequent updates on the novel-in-progress and with new poems, too. So stay tuned!

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HEAR/HEAR Reading Tonight!

HEAR/HEAR is a bi-monthly reading series featuring writers from the Now Hear This! program.  NHT! connects professional writers with students in the Toronto Catholic School Board for 10-week writing workshops. The best of this student work gets published in a swanky annual journal.   Last spring, I was lucky enough to spend my time with the talented women at Notre Dame Catholic school in the East End. And, I just learned that I’ll be joining them again this Fall.  

HEAR/HEAR: Come celebrate with the writers of Now Hear This!

 TONIGHT!! Tomorrow Night!  TONIGHT!!

October 12, 2011

I’ll be reading with Colin Frizzel and Elizabeth de Mariaffi 


The Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave (1/2 block south of College) 

6:30 pm 


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In Defense of Burning: Afire : Books Burnt : Fresh Coals : Hot Type : Warm Hands : Summer of Funner : The Lunchbox Season